ARTES: Art Characterization Service

ARTES: Art Characterization Service

Team Members

Sorin Hermon, Associate Professor The Cyprus Institute
Nikolas Bakirtzis, Associate Professor The Cyprus Institute
Valentina Vassallo, Research Assistant The Cyprus Institute
Athanasios Koutoupas, Research Assistant The Cyprus Institute

ARTES is in its second cycle at Cyprus Seeds. It addresses the problem of the fragmentation of services for works of art, including the digital management and the art characterization services for collectors, artists, conservators and museums.  The frustrations for art collectors are the high cost of logistics and services, time spent finding appropriate providers for all characterization components and easy access to global expertise. 

The technology of ARTES will lead to an emerging industry of art asset management generating high quality jobs, especially in the art & humanities domain. Cyprus will host the hub of a unique, global service platform, which will enable the collective accumulation of data and knowledge in the domain of art characterization.

Customers will have easy access to a global network of infrastructures, expertise, and data with the single click of a button resulting in the provision of a high-quality end-to-end art characterization service that does not threaten the integrity of the asset. Affiliations or collaborators will have access to a broader market of potential customers, previously unreachable due to location.  Moreover, potential increase of artistic asset valuation can create further economic activity from prospective buyers and investors. Also, the digitalization of artistic assets and the generation of “digital ownership certificates” can pave the way for tokenization and fractional ownership in art investment models based on block chain technologies, which could further increase the interest and entry of new customers in the art market.