Our Impact

Towards a knowledge-based economy

Economic Impact

€2.2 mil DONATIONS
Donors include Foundations, the Private Sector Greeks & Cypriots of the Diaspora, and the Cyprus Government.
Globally and in the United States.
with Cyprus Seeds funding.
resulting from five Cyprus Seeds projects.
Option – to – be Licensing Agreements.
75 faculty and students.

Environmental Impact

Environmental protection and energy management are among the most significant challenges of our time. A few of our projects addressed this challenge by:

  • Developing environmentally friendly and more effective methods to improve the quality of the water.
  • Developing a lower-cost technology detecting faults in photovoltaics much earlier than conventional technologies, thus contributing to ensuring maximum energy.

Social Impact

Our projects directly impact people’s lives. More specifically:

  • 5 healthcare projects contribute to the therapy for inherited neuropathies, provision of non-invasive surgeries in the area of oncology, improvement of fertility treatment techniques, detection and monitoring of the capacity of malignant tumours, cardiac and neurological diseases, enhancement of research on metastasis and quantified the cancer cell metastatic behaviour.
  • 1 project offers innovative methodologies to monitor and manage works of art, artefacts and monuments, bringing new insights and opportunities relevant to artistic and cultural heritage.
  • 1 project developed cutting-edge seed technology to increase the tolerance of crop plants in major stress conditions caused by climate change.

International awards

  • National Winner in the 2023 European Enterprise Promotion Awards, for Promoting the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • National winner of the 2022 European Enterprise Promotion Awards in Category 2 – Investing in Entrepreneurial Skills
  • National winner of the South Europe 2020 start-up competition in the “Best start-up ecosystem initiative” category

Awards for our grantees

  • CAT-BRAIN and MammoCheck were awarded as two promising startups in the Digital Agenda Alpha Stage (DAAS AI) 2023 Competition.
  • The Yieldshield team won two prizes in the 2022 MITEF Greece.
  • The DIMEC team was a finalist in the 2021 startup competition of the MIT Enterprise Forum Greece (MITEF Greece), considered the most prestigious startup competition in Greece.