Cyprus Seeds and DTU Skylab collaboration

Cyprus Seeds and DTU Skylab collaboration

On Monday and Tuesday, Cyprus Seeds Management Team had an incredibly productive meeting with DTU Skylab, the Innovation Hub of the DTU – Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen! DTU Skylab is Denmark’s leading academic institution in commercialising research.

During our two-day visit, the Skylab team provided us with invaluable insights into their cutting-edge tools and mechanisms that empower students and researchers to transform their innovations into market-ready solutions, making a real impact on the economy, society and environment.

Our collaboration with DTU Skylab officially kicks off in September with the launch of the PHAETHON project. Together, we aim to establish innovative processes, mechanisms, and tools to support researchers at the PHAETHON Centre of Excellence to commercialise their groundbreaking research in renewable energy.

A huge thank you to Rasmus Gyldenkerne Deleuran for organising an engaging and enlightening agenda during our visit and to all the experts and staff of DTU Skylab who generously shared their experiences with us.

We can’t wait to embark on the challenging PHAETHON journey together!