Celebrating 5 years of success!

Celebrating 5 years of success!

November is a significant month for Cyprus Seeds, as it marks our 5 year journey in supporting research commercialisation in Cyprus. As the first initiative in Cyprus, we have been empowering top scientific teams from Cyprus universities and research centers in taking their research from the laboratory to the market. These years have been instrumental in transforming innovative research into startups, bridging a crucial gap in Cyprus’ scientific innovation ecosystem with grants, mentoring, training, and networking.

Since the launching, we have supported 22 scientific projects, employed 39 scientists and managed to spin out 2 startups from our program, Gynetronics and IQ3Solar. In addition, we concluded a licensing agreement of a project from the Institute of Neurology and Genetics with a big pharmaceutical company in the US.

Committed to our mission, we aim for more spinouts through our program and in changing the mindset in academia, by promoting the entrepreneurial spirit.

In February 2024, we will announce the 4th cycle of our programme.

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