Intrusion Detection System for the Internet of Things Intrusion Detection System for the Internet of Things

Vasos Vassiliou, Associate Professor, Research Group Leader, CYENS Centre of Excellence
/ Department of Computer Science,
University of Cyprus
Christis Christophorou, IT Professional and Business Consultant, CYENS Centre of Excellence
Christiana Ioannou, PhD, Research Fellow
, CYENS Centre of Excellence is currently in its second cycle at Cyprus Seeds. It focuses on solving the critical issue of Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Network Security for businesses and organizations that rely on IoT and Industrial IoT networks. The primary goal of is to strengthen these networks, fortifying them against a wide array of potential threats and vulnerabilities using innovative fusion of Machine Learning and Computational Intelligence techniques.

This innovative technology offered by plays a crucial role in effectively mitigating the potential financial losses and reputational damages that often stem from intrusions and anomalies within systems. proposes an AI-based SaaS security solution to global companies (B2B) which enable, manufacture, deploy, integrate, or manage IoT networks. can be integrated with existing IoT platforms, or it can be natively incorporated into consumer or industrial applications; is hardware and network protocol-agnostic service with a very lightweight software payload, allowing direct application as an edge-AI add-on. This enables the customers to reduce security operation overhead, total cost ownership and facilitate timely response.

The proposed solution enhances the RTDI system of Cyprus by connecting its members and the industry. Through this project young researchers will be trained and enabled to exploit research outputs in a tangible way.