ARTES: Art Characterization Service

ARTES: Art Characterization Service

Team Members

Sorin Hermon, Associate Professor The Cyprus Institute
Nikolas Bakirtzis, Associate Professor The Cyprus Institute
Valentina Vassallo, Research Assistant The Cyprus Institute
Athanasios Koutoupas, Research Assistant The Cyprus Institute

ARTES is the preferred partner for art owners, consultants, and investors. It offers an exhaustive range of services that include accurate art assessment and management, authentication, and value maximisation, accompanied by the creation of a unique digital object for every artwork.

A commercial service unit of The Cyprus Institute, ARTES offers access to a digital platform where a digital twin of the artwork is created, encapsulating all the available information about it, including the data collected through an integrated workflow of non-invasive physical-chemical analyses and art historical and archaeological study that investigates and documents the materiality, the artistic technique and the preservation conditions.

ARTES addresses major needs in the art market, offering technology-driven, innovative, and comprehensive services based on expertise and reliability to empower art ownership.