What do we offer ?

We offer an 18-month pre-accelerator program which offers grants, mentoring, training and networking opportunities to the participating scientific teams, nurturing them with the essential elements to take their scientific idea from the laboratory to the market.


Grants ranging between €30.000 to €50.000 per page for expenses relating to commercialisation activities.

Mentoring Program

International mentors with hands-on experience in commercialising academic research offer, pro bono, regular mentoring.

Entrepreneurial Training

Practical and focused training on commercialisation of academic research, market discovery, IP protection and pitching to investors.

Networking Opportunities

Networking to allow the research teams to meet and connect with industry leaders, investors and collaborators.

Participation in the Egg – enter•grow•go Accelerator Program in Greece

Cyprus Seeds teams are given the opportunity to join the Egg Accelerator Program, one of the most successful business accelerators in Greece, which is a strate.


Cyprus Seeds offers funding in the form of grants, ranging between €30.000 – €50.000. The grant is awarded to scientific teams, selected to participate in our 18-month pre accelerator Program. Eligible expenses include the following:

  1. The salary of a graduate student, post-doc, or researcher but not that of faculty.
  2. Purchase of consumables and equipment.
  3. Travelling to meet with potential clients or investors. 

In some cases, funding and non-financial support will be awarded to the same project for a second cycle. However, the award will be subject to the submission of a new application.

Mentoring Program

During their journey to commercialisation, research teams have the ongoing support of their mentor/s who guide, advise, and connect them with potential clients, investors, and collaborators. The communication with mentors is mostly via virtual calls and through project review sessions. 

The mentors have hands-on experience as entrepreneurs, and/or in the commercialisation of academic research in the US and European markets. The mentors act as catalysts for the successful implementation of the commercialisation strategy of the academic teams.

Entrepreneurial Training

As part of the Programme, our teams attend a series of mandatory workshops that offer, among others, practical training on the commercialisation of academic research, market discovery, and pitching to investors. 

As of July 2022, the egg – enter•grow•go accelerator Programme is an integrated part of the Cyprus Seeds entrepreneurial training Programme.

Networking Opportunities

We organise numerous events aiming to connect our teams with business angels and investors. Our teams are also exposed to incubators/accelerators in EU and US markets. 

At the end of each funding period, we organise a ‘DEMO DAY’ during which the teams have the opportunity to pitch in front of private investors, including business angels and venture capital funds.

The teams that are ready to pitch in front of investors are given the opportunity to participate in networking events organised by Cyprus Seeds or its strategic partners outside Cyprus.

Collaboration with the egg

Cyprus Seeds grantees are given the opportunity to join the Egg Accelerator Program  in Greece.

In September 2022, we signed a collaboration agreement with the Egg – enter•grow•go (egg), in Greece. Egg has been running since 2013 with the support of Eurobank Greece and Corallia of the Athena Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication, and Knowledge Technologies. Egg offers startups and scientific teams opportunities for financing, mentoring, networking, and exporting activities through the following 2 platforms:

  • Start-Up: For young businesses needing support in their early steps. It helps them grow faster and launch their product or service to the market (incubation).
  • Scale Up: For more mature startups that wish to increase their sales in the next round of funding by accelerating their product development. The Scale Up platform is the advanced business accelerator of the egg and is only eligible to companies.

Our teams IoTShield, ARTES and SOLEX joined the10th Cycle of the egg acceleration Programme and BioSense has just been accepted to the 11th Cycle.